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Printed Silicone Quick Release Straps - 22mm

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Total band length: 4.75"-6.89" (120mm-175mm).

Price: $ 10.99

Suit for Men & Women

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Perfect watch replacement bands in Summer

  • It's soft and flexible silicone watch band make your wrist more comfortable.

  • It's washable and easy to clean if got dirt.

  • It's breathable and light weight with numerous air holes to keep away from trapping sweat and heat.

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22mm compatible smartwatches

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm)

  • Samsung Gear S3 Classic/ Frontier 

  • Samsung Gear 2 R380/ Neo/ Neo R381/ Live R382 

  • Moto 360 2nd Gen 46mm/ Asus Zenwatch 2 1.63"/ Huawei Watch 2 Classic

  • Amazfit Pace Smartwatch/ Amazfit Stratos/ Amazfit Stratos+/ Amazfit Stratos 3/Amazfit Nexo/ Amazfit GTR 47mm

  • TicWatch Pro/ TicWatch S2/ TicWatch E2 

  • Fossil Q Explorist/ Fossil Q Commuter/ Fossil Q Grant/ Fossil Q Founder 2.0/ Fossil Q Marshal/ Fossil Q Wander/ Fossil Q Crewmaster

  • LG Watch/ LG Urbane/ LG R

  • Pebble Classic/ Pebble Time/ Pebble Time Steel/ Pebble 2/ Pebble 2 SE

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