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Fitbit charge 2 bands---Breathable

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Price: $ 11.99

Fitbit charge 2 smart watch is a very impressive fitness tracker. But which one is the most suitable replacement fitbit charge 2 bands to fit different style?


In general, a silicone band will be the best, especially for the going-out who will work or go for an outing.


The soft silicone soft fitbit charge 2 strap is reliable and comfortable, the ventilation holes give skin more comfort as well as adjustability.


You can find a match for every-day dress for many color option.The last important is the band must fit your wrist in that case you can wear it casually, so how about the length of the band, short or long? Actually, its a little wrong for a very tiny wrist, its about 5.70″-8.8″ (145mm-223mm).


This style fitbit charge 2 band will includes two loops to keep the band tail into place. What is the difference with other two tone bands? You can not see the under color, other bands have different colors on its surface. Hope you will like this style more.

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