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Fitbit Blaze Band - Protective Case with Strap Bands

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Fits most small or large wrist with a circumference of about 6.5"-9.0"
Package only includes a replacement band.

Price: $ 18.99

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Protective Frame: The frame for Fitbit Blaze is surrounded by soft silicone material, featuring raised edge bumper to lift the screen off flat surface, especially in four corners, whose thickened raised silicone lips protect against the accidental bump and scratch more effective.

Anti-slip Honeycomb Pattern: offer a comfortable and anti-slip grip on both sides.

Flexible Bezel lip: The edge for the frame is design to rectangle with rounded corners, which fits your finger arc while installing your blaze device. Besides, the soft silicone band makes it easy and difficult to be ripped while remove your fitbit to charge or fit on.

Anti-shock Wave Pattern: A snug fit with your wrist and make more effective to cushion the impact.

Breathable Strap Airflow Holes: A row of airflow holes on the watch band strengthen the wearing comfort, accelerating the heat dissipation and leaking out the sweat from the area where you wear after exercising.

Durable Buckle: The stainless steel buckle fits the strap firmly, and the tongue connects the straps well, once it clicks into the hole, making it secure and difficult to come off.

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