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Compatible Smart Watch with 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 44mm

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Compatible Smart watchesWatch Lug

———Verizon Gizmo Watch———————————————
Amazfit ———Amazfit Bip Amazfit Pace Smartwatch————————————
———Amazfit Bip LiteAmazfit Stratos ————————————
———Amazfit GTSAmazfit Stratos +————————————
———Amazfit GTR 42mmAmazfit Stratos 3————————————
——————Amazfit Nexo————————————
——————Amazfit GTR 47mm ————————————
Apple—————————Apple Watch Series 1  38MMApple Watch Series 4  40MMApple Watch Series 1  42MMApple Watch Series 4  44MM
—————————Apple Watch Series 2  38MMApple Watch Series 5  40MMApple Watch Series 2  42MMApple Watch Series 5  44MM
—————————Apple Watch Series 3  38MM———Apple Watch Series 3  42MM———
AsusAsus Zenwatch 2 1.45"———Asus Zenwatch 2 1.63"————————————
Emporio———Emporio Armani AR1692Emporio Armani ART5003————————————
FossilFossil Q TailorFossil Q GazerFossil Q Explorist————————————
Fossil Q Gen 4 Venture———Fossil Q Commuter————————————
——————Fossil Q Grant————————————
——————Fossil Q Founder 2.0————————————
——————Fossil Q Marshal————————————
——————Fossil Q Wander————————————
——————Fossil Q Crewmaster————————————
GarminGarmin vivoactive 4S 40mmGarmin Forerunner 245Garmin Vivomove 4 45mm————————————
Garmin Legacy Hero Series Captain Marvel 40mmGarmin Forerunner 245 MusicGarmin Legacy Hero Series First Avenger 45mm————————————
Garmin vivomove 3SGarmin vivomove Luxe———————————————
———Garmin vivomove 3———————————————
———Garmin vivomove 3 Music———————————————
———Garmin vivomove HR———————————————
———Garmin Forerunner 645———————————————
———Garmin Forerunner 645 Music———————————————
———Garmin VenuTM———————————————
HuaweiHuawei WatchHuawei Watch 2Huawei Watch 2 Classic————————————
LGLG Watch Style———LG Watch————————————
——————LG Urbane————————————
——————LG R————————————
Moto 360Moto 360 2nd Gen Men's 42mm———Moto 360 2nd Gen Men's 46mm————————————
Pebble———Pebble Time Round LargePebble Classic————————————
——————Pebble Time Steel————————————
——————Pebble Time————————————
——————Pebble 2————————————
——————Pebble 2 SE————————————
Samsung———Samsung Gear S2 Classic (SM-R372)Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm)————————————
———Samsung Gear SportSamsung Gear S3 Classic————————————
———Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm)Samsung Gear S3 Frontier————————————
———Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (40mm)Samsung Gear 2 R380————————————
———Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
Samsung Gear 2 Neo————————————
——————Samsung Gear 2 Neo R381————————————
——————Samsung Gear Live R382————————————
TicWatchTicWatch C2 (Rose Gold)TicWatch C2 (Onyx, Platinum)TicWatch E2————————————
———TicWatch ETicWatch S2————————————
——————TicWatch Pro————————————
TimexTimex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch——————————————————
WithingsWithings ActiveWithings (Nokia) Steel HR 40mm———————————————
Withings Steel HR 36mm——————————————————

Please confirm your watch width before purchase.

  • Check the underside of your current band to see if the width is marked.

  • Use a metric ruler to measure the width where current band attaches to the watch head.

  • Search online for the specs of your watch make/model.




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