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About Lwsengme

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Welcome to Lwengme.com

Lwsengme (collectively "we", the "Company" or "Sengme") knows more and more people began to pursue a healthier, more active life with the improvement of living standards. Our Mission is to provide your wrist or where your wearable devices wearing with a fashion and comfortable environment as a result of the increasing wearable smartwatches such as Apple watch, Fitbit fitness, Samsung smartwatches etc.

We are the largest and most reliable supplier in the field of customized watch bands with silicone, leather, stainless steel and the like. 

We have been devoted to creating a place which is easily accessible for the customers who are in need of highly sumptuous looking yet durable silicone bands. The beauty of silicone watch bands lies not just in the looks but also in the comfort of wearing.

We also attache great importance to sales and after sales service. And we work hard to build a passionate team for our customers who trust us and do business with us to solve any problems thay meet when purchasing. 

The back hand team comprises of experienced individuals who are accessible 24×7 for remarkable customer service. The most important aspect of online customised products is covered here.

Where to Buy.

Please search Keyword "Lwsengme," You can find us through Amazon, Alipress, eBay.

How to Contact Us

Please email us at info@lwsengme.com directly when you have questions with your purchase.




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